No.5 # Merge_The Evan Lee illustration

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No.5 # Merge_The Evan Lee illustration

Evan Lee

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Hey, Guys!

What is the surface of skin looks like when it's soaking? Especially been covered by a fabric. Now the answer is right here. In this record, you can see how I deal with the wet hair, wet skin, wet cloth or other objects floating on the water. Most of the people like a sexy girl. For me, to have a girl get wet is absolutely sexier!! Now, let’s see how I painted it! And then create your own version!

This painting is about the girl who was chosen to offer as a sacrifice for saving her village from the demon of water.

There is a folklore in her village. If the baby was born with webbed hand, this baby must be raised until over 18 years old and feed the demon, that way the village will survive.

However, this girl with the webbed hand was following her destiny obediently. Even she has a childhood sweetheart in her life, and no doubt to be her first love. Unfortunately, the only thing she can do for him was lost their virginity before her sacrifice. And the boy decided to terminate his life and met the girl again in the heaven.

For the whole package, you will have the things follow:

(1) The printable JPG files-The normal version & the 18+ version.
     (with no nipples cover)
(2) The unmodified high-quality PSD file.
(3)The record with original speed.(9 chapters, about 19 hours totally)
(4)The record with high-speed.(2.5 hours)
(5)The Brushes I used for this painting.     

Enjoy it! :)

PS, it's the record with no narration, not a tutorial.










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