No.6 # Hegemony_The Evan Lee illustration


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Hey, Guys!

This composition is one of the ideas on my wishlist for a long time. In this creation, you can see how to draw a stone in a particular shape & pattern. Also deep in the details to make it rich. If you think this painting could be a great decoration for your house. Buy it, and use the printable file to bring it to life!

“Hegemony” is about a dictator showing the power to his wife and his people as well. The dragon behind the king was made by stone. But actually, it is his avatar! Represent his heart- fearless, cold like a stone, without mercy and love. The women around him are his wife, also his captive, they were told they need to provide the sex service to their king and fulfill his needs. Otherwise, they can't live for long.

One day, this king conquer another kingdom again. And asked his competitor's wife for being his sex slave. He only gave her 1 day for the consideration after he killed her husband. She has to be naked and stand in front of the king to show her loyalty, and then dress up like other women in the palace.

Eventually, she did it, and she exactly knows what circumstance she has to face with as a beautiful woman.

Hope you guys like this story~

Before you buy it, please read this first, thank you~

I spent about 30 hours to complete this work, and this time, the working record will be spilled to 2 parts.

In the first part, everything was about 90% completed, it takes 15 hours. If you buy this item, you’ll get the 9 files of the real-time record totally. And a 5X-speed record(3 hours) as well.

In the second part, I spent 16 hours for the rest 10%, more than the first one. It’s all about how to deal with the details. But I only provide the 5X-speed record(3 hours) for it, so no real-time record in this part.

For the whole package, you will have the things follow:

(1) The printable JPG files-The normal version & the 18+ version.
     (with no nipples cover)
(2) The unmodified high-quality PSD file.

(3)The record with original speed.(9 chapters, about 15 hours totally)

(4)The records with high-speed.(2 parts, about 3 hours each)

(5)The Brushes I used for my painting.

Enjoy it! :)

PS, it's the record with no narration, not a tutorial.



“Hegemony” 是描述關於一個獨裁暴君對他的人民和他的妻妾們展現他的權力的畫面。後方的石龍是他的分身,代表著他的鐵石心腸,無畏、冷漠,沒有任何寬恕及愛。















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No.6 # Hegemony_The Evan Lee illustration